Benefits Of A Suburban Extended Stay Hotel

A suburban extended stay hotel is not a type of accommodation that would be booked for a vacation, such a service is primarily aimed at business people. If your occupation involves being away from your home for a considerable time, i. E. More than a month, or if you need a temporary place to stay due to a work based relocation, this is an option that may be the solution you require.

If you were to base yourself in a regular hotel for a considerable period of time, the total outlay can be extremely costly, and besides, the rooms in regular hotels are not designed for permanent living. By opting for an extended stay hotel you should find that you are a lot more comfortable.

For a start, this type of accommodation most often comes with a full kitchen, albeit on the small side. Being able to cook dinner after a hard days work is an activity many of us enjoy, eating out every single night can become tiring, and a real drain on fiances. The kitchen would typically feature all the utensils and appliances that you require.

Entertaining is also easy as you would usually have access to a number of rooms as opposed to a single space. This is important as socializing can help a business traveler feel more at home and relaxed.

Another great aspect about a suburban extended stay hotel is that there would not be a lengthy contact that you would have to sign up for. Instead, you would be required to inform the staff of how long you plan on staying for, there may be a minimum duration of perhaps a couple of weeks or a month that is stipulated by the management.

In most facilities, there would be no lengthy approval process, credit checks, or the requirement for a large bond or deposit. It is the simplest way to relax in comfort when you are away from your usual residence.

There is also the added advantaged of a maid service. Most of the suburban extended stay hotels provide various facilities such as room cleaning and laundry, so you do not have to worry about the housework chores. With the rooms coming fully furnished, and usually replete with TV and wi-fi, you will not have any regrets about choosing this desirable form of accommodation. As the costs are not excessive, you may find that it is the perfect solution for your needs.