Find Suburban New Homes At Dardenne Prairie, Missouri With Their Rural Nature Still Intact

Dardenne Prairie is a city in the St. Charles County at Missouri. It falls within the St. Louis metro area and has an area of 4.4 square miles. The region was originally a prairie with a few trees as compared to the other low lying regions. There was plenty of grass and wild fruits and many animals lived in this region. The prairie was abundant with flowers. The Dardenne Family was amongst the early settlers in the Mississippi valley. The town is named after this family.

The region was an established farming community when the Catholic Church had its beginnings. Grants were given to the community around the 1800’s. The place had a nearby creek. The civil war had an impact on the town and exhausted the county. The town became a city in 2001. The city is in the center of the golden triangle of the St. Charles County. The new homes at Dardenne Prairie, Missouri are suburban with their rural nature still retained.

The city has many natural parks and good looking houses. For the business community we have plazas and an industrial park. The city has a private high school. The place is located close to major roads and is easily accessible. There are a few airports in the nearby region. Dardenne Prairie is home to all kinds of businesses. Health and medical services are easily available. These include hospitals and mental health services. We have movies and local TV, local newspapers and the radio.

The new homes at Dardenne Prairie, Missouri are in an environmentally safe region. Industries do not pollute the locality. There are facilities for containing air and land contamination. The government is up to date with tackling the environment and recycling also contributes to a green environment. New jobs are coming up rapidly in the region. This goes hand in hand with the farmers who abound in the location. The farmers markets are established here. We also have a college, hotels and libraries. The nearby attractions include museums, historic sites, area parks and wineries.

A wide range of new homes are on feature here at Dardenne Prairie. These include apartments, public housing and subsidized apartments. For recreation we have parks and forests. We also have sports facilities. Some of the organizations active here include the Little League and the YMCA. The place has easily accessible churches. For those who would like to eat out we have restaurants.

All kind of housing is available for sale at Dardenne Prairie. The homes come in all sizes and combinations. As the region is developing it makes sense to live here. The price range of the new homes is wide and there should be something for everybody. For those who want to reside where nature is simple, Dardenne Prairie is a good choice. As the metropolitan area is close you would be dwelling close to a highly developed region.

For those who work or farm here, living in the New Homes at Dardenne Prairie, Missouri is a great idea.