Baldwin Point: A Beautiful Suburban Location Near Downtown

Florida is home to well-known attractions, large businesses, and some of the best entertainment in the country. Over forty-nine million visitors come to this city every year during the warmer months to see Walt Disney World, which has now made this city one of the most significant vacation destinations. The theme park was built during the 1960’s but has since grown into a massive attraction full of sites such as Space Mountain and Sea World. This state holds a unique atmosphere where a youthful spirit is welcomed. The central city was once full of orange groves; however, it is now a business and tourist hub where people from all over the country participate in the unique experiences it offers. Disney themed attractions are not the only drawing point of this region. Visitors can also participate in hang-gliding, downtown shopping, nightlife activities, entertainment, or various dining experiences.

A Southern State Boasting the Perfect Mix of Residential and Commercial Settings

An abundance of buildings can be found in the downtown area. There is a local body of water is surrounded by several residential communities. Restaurants, pubs, retail shops, shopping centers, and office locations can be found in near vicinity of the lake in every direction. The downtown area boasts several office areas with Class-A status, which is within three miles of the largest city. A particular structure, built in 2005 as a multi-tenant office location, is currently being used for the business operations of Travelers Indemnity Company. It consists of one-hundred sixty-five square feet spanning over four stories with a café, on-site property management, and various local amenities. Additional companies reside in the general area as well as the downtown section. This location offers a modern architectural style with beautiful white outer walls, multiple view points of the lake, and an inviting overall design. It is one of many architectural marvels used for everyday business in the area.

Orlando is considered to be at the center of the metropolitan area with a population in the millions. It ranks twenty-seventh among metropolitan cities in the United States, in addition to ranking third in the State of Florida. The downtown area boasts numerous skyscrapers including the Sun Trust Center, Orange County Courthouse, Solaire at the Plaza, Dynetech Center, and the Premier Trade Plaza. Orlando includes seventy-one skyscrapers with a large majority being located in the downtown section. Its economy stems from industrial, hi-tech, and tourism industries with the technology industry totaling approximately thirteen billion. Digital media, aviation, software design, and agricultural innovations are prevalent. It contains more than one-hundred fifty international organizations from a minimum of twenty countries. Companies residing in the area include Lockheed-Martin, Mitsubishi Power Systems, Siemens, Veritas/Seagate, AT&T, Boeing, and multiple military training facilities.

The city may be a booming tourist area, but it is also home to thriving national and international businesses. It offers a multitude of opportunities to individuals seeking a new start or companies desiring a great place to conduct their business operations. Relocations are common due to the variety of prospects offered throughout this region.