5 Tips in Preparing Suburban Survival Kit

Urban survival has lately been given a lot of importance owing to the volatile developments and unforeseen circumstances around the globe. There are several factors that can motivate people to go into self survival mode. This is especially true in times of emergencies caused by natural or man-made disasters. War or civil strife, a military evacuation of the city, a landslide, an earthquake or even a flood can force people to temporarily seek sanctuary in makeshift shelters.

Since a contingent situation does not leave enough room or ample time for one to prepare a survival kit, it’s important to analyse the situation and pack your bags according to the need of the hour. With this in mind, here are 5 tips in preparing Suburban Survival kit that can ease and speed up your preparation:

* The first and foremost concern when on a look out for a survival home is shelter. In case you’re going to be placed in a camp, it is best to carry a portable waterproof canopy or a tent. Aside from this, carry with you a few blankets and sheets for a comfort and don’t forget to keep one or two plastic sheets that can be placed on the ground to protect your beddings and personal belongings.

* The next most important thing to be carried along is substantial quantity of food items for you and your family that can last for at least 3 – 4 days. Since you’ll be travelling long distances, it’s best to keep packed food that can be heated or raw fruits and vegetables rather than cooked meals or any assortments. You should also carry a few paper bags, napkins, and disposable cutlery.

* Try to fit in as much potable water as you can since the travel might require you to walk for several miles and having water handy is a boon during such difficult times.

* You’ll also need a tool box and some basic equipment. You may need to use these tools to plant vegetables or go fishing. You also need to take along a multipurpose tool kit to make life simpler and more convenient for you and your family.

* Besides the availability of food and shelter, it’s also important to be able to contact other people especially in unaffected areas. So make sure that your survival kit also includes a portable radio, batteries, one or two cell phones with prepaid cards and a walkie-talkie in case the phone networks can’t be reached.

Although one can’t anticipate an emergency, it’s advisable to keep tab on the latest updates through the news and the media and be prepared with a survival kit at the earliest.

The key to suburban survival is to be prepared and to have the right supplies, tools, and equipment. So that when disaster strikes, you and your family would have a better chance of making it through.