Look for Erda Homes for Sale If You Like Living in a Suburban Area

Located just 30 minutes drive from the great Salt Lake City, Erda is a rural settlement in the Tooele County. Though the area is so close to the capital of Utah State, it offers small residences that are suitable for small families as well as over 500 acre estates that are good for agricultural purposes and rearing livestock. Often, you will be able to see a wild deer grazing just outside your home. Erda homes for sale are available in case you think of settling down there.

Erda is a small census designated place that had a population of only 2473 people in the year 2000 census. Its land area is 22.5 square miles. This is also one of the reasons for most people to choose this area to buy property and settle down. In 2010 the population has increased to 4642 as lots of Erda Utah real estate properties have been developed during this period of ten years. Still, the growth is slow as only the lovers of rural living come to this area to settle down.

Wasatch Mountains are nearby and it adds scenic beauty to this small township. It also allows the residents in the area to enjoy their skiing during the winter as there are a few ski resorts there. Those who look for Erda homes for sale are assured of scenic beauty, fresh air and the rural life style. They are also afforded the peaceful living in solitude. However, they never need to worry that they are living segregated from urban folks. They could be in the vibrant metropolis of Salt Lake City in just half an hour.

Erda is not an isolated area. There are a few residential areas around it. They include Copperton, Stansbury Park, Grantsville, Stockton and Tooele. When you consider the population in this suburban community, you will find that 75% of the residents are married and 62% of the households are occupied by families that have children. Therefore, buying Erda Utah real estate is a good idea if you are a family with kids that is looking for a residential property.

If you are looking for Erda homes for sale you need to hurry as only 4% of the homes in the area is up for sale. 85% of the homes in this suburban community are occupied and 10% are given on rent. However, still there is a variety of homes available for sale.

It is a good option to buy one of the Erda homes for sale if you are looking for a home with a large garden. Hiring one of the Erda Utah real estate agents is the best way to do it.