Moving Nature Back Responsibly For Suburban Living

As our human urban sprawl continues we find that we are crowding out some of the native species in our neck of the woods. Of course, humans will need to have adequate territory, but it also makes sense to leave some of the area readily available for those species which have inhabited such regions for 10s of thousands of years. Indeed, most would agree that it is only fair to share.

In areas were suburban a life meets an open field that leads to wilderness, often the wild life comes up and makes themselves at home along the fence line or impedes onto the property of the humans. Can you blame them? Especially considering that humans live where there is water and they water their lawns and everything is nice in green and plush. Actually, they develop their own little eco-system, more insects, critters, birds and food supply.
Still the humans will complain that the animals are causing them problems. This is rather silly considering the wildlife and nature was their first. It’s kind of like going to a park where there are lots of kids playing and leaving two dozen cupcakes on the picnic table and walking away and then returning in an hour and a half and being pissed off that all the cupcakes have been eaten. What on earth did you expect?
Nature is as nature does, you cannot change that and only a fool would try. Humans are going to have to realize this as they continue to impact nature with larger and larger suburban areas. Please consider this.