Benefits Of A Suburban Extended Stay Hotel

A suburban extended stay hotel is not a type of accommodation that would be booked for a vacation, such a service is primarily aimed at business people. If your occupation involves being away from your home for a considerable time, i. E. More than a month, or if you need a temporary place to stay due to a work based relocation, this is an option that may be the solution you require.

If you were to base yourself in a regular hotel for a considerable period of time, the total outlay can be extremely costly, and besides, the rooms in regular hotels are not designed for permanent living. By opting for an extended stay hotel you should find that you are a lot more comfortable.

For a start, this type of accommodation most often comes with a full kitchen, albeit on the small side. Being able to cook dinner after a hard days work is an activity many of us enjoy, eating out every single night can become tiring, and a real drain on fiances. The kitchen would typically feature all the utensils and appliances that you require.

Entertaining is also easy as you would usually have access to a number of rooms as opposed to a single space. This is important as socializing can help a business traveler feel more at home and relaxed.

Another great aspect about a suburban extended stay hotel is that there would not be a lengthy contact that you would have to sign up for. Instead, you would be required to inform the staff of how long you plan on staying for, there may be a minimum duration of perhaps a couple of weeks or a month that is stipulated by the management.

In most facilities, there would be no lengthy approval process, credit checks, or the requirement for a large bond or deposit. It is the simplest way to relax in comfort when you are away from your usual residence.

There is also the added advantaged of a maid service. Most of the suburban extended stay hotels provide various facilities such as room cleaning and laundry, so you do not have to worry about the housework chores. With the rooms coming fully furnished, and usually replete with TV and wi-fi, you will not have any regrets about choosing this desirable form of accommodation. As the costs are not excessive, you may find that it is the perfect solution for your needs.

The Benefits of Using Suburban Movers

Any time you are moving it can be stressful, and if you are moving from the city to the suburbs, it could be a huge help to you to hire suburban movers. Getting around suburbs can be difficult, but the right movers will know all of the best and easiest routes to get to and from your new home so you can get through moving day as quickly as possible with very little stress involved. You will find that when you hire professional movers to help you, there are many things that you will not have to worry about, and they can help you with many other things besides just the move itself.

Learn about Your New Area

Because you will be getting professional movers who know the area you are moving to, you will be able to get a lot of important information about that area that you may not already know. Not only will you be able to learn about the best schools, churches and more, you will also get maps of the area so you can learn how to find your way around as soon as you get there. If you are moving to an area that you know nothing about, this can be a real benefit, and you will not be as stressed out about moving to a new place. This is also great if you have children who are nervous about starting new schools and making new friends, because they will already be somewhat familiar with things.

Learn What Packing Materials You Need

Many people just pack things willy-nilly, which can be a real nightmare for most suburban movers. People get boxes from grocery stores, thinking that if they are strong enough for groceries, they are strong enough to move your prized possessions. The thing is that these boxes have already been used to move heavy goods, and they may not be in the best shape by the time they get to you. Your moving professionals will be able to help you choose the right boxes for every item in your home. They may even be able to provide you with these boxes and other materials, or have a company that they deal with that sells these products at reasonable rates. You will be told which labels you need, including address and “fragile” labels, and which materials are best to stuff into boxes to keep your items from moving around and getting damaged during transit.

If you have achieved your dream of a lovely home in the suburbs, you want to make sure that the move goes as smoothly as it possibly can. This is a really good reason to make sure that you hire professional suburban movers who will know the area you are moving to, and will take special care to make sure that all of your possessions get to your new home safely.

Downtown Living Vs Suburban Living – Which is the Better Choice?

The debate over which is better – downtown living of suburban living – has raged for several decades. In fact, it can be somewhat humorous how this debate is played out in popular culture as proponents of one mode of living will often portray the other as, for lack of a better word, weird. This is commonly seen in all manner and variety of films. Of course, real life is not a film and that means one must make a choice as to where to live. So which of these truly is the right choice?

Honestly, only you can answer that. The right choice of where to live will be based almost exclusively on your own likes and needs. Some may find living in suburbia to be the best location in the world while others may look at suburban life as simply not being for them. In general, to arrive at a determination as to which is truly the best, one need to weigh the individual positives and negatives and then settle on a location that specifically fits ones individual needs.

If you like hustle and bustle, you will want to live downtown. If you like peace and quite, you probably will want to live in a suburban region. Sure, some downtown areas are quiet and some suburban areas are noisy. However, in general, the suburbs are slower and quieter while downtown areas are bustling due to the heavier concentrations of population. Depending upon your own particular needs and tastes, you will need to select the region that best fits what you look for in a place to live.

Travel issues will be a common theme among where you choose to live. Those that live in suburbia will often have to have long commutes to work. Downtown areas generally offer public transportation which allows them to circumvent the common issue of long commutes. How you look at commuting to work will usually place a factor in the way you approach your residence.

Proximity to stores and shopping areas will vary widely based on where you choose to live. Virtually all downtown areas are close to stores and shops. Most suburban neighborhoods have big malls near them. Then, there will be those suburban areas that are somewhat remote and require travel to do a little shopping. Those not interested in driving far to make a purchase of a common household item may end up a little turned off at suburbia.

Suburban living often opens the door to purchase a huge home. Real estate in downtown areas is almost always a premium. That means higher prices for smaller properties. Some may enjoy that but others find it the polar opposite of what they want in a home. Again, individual tastes may vary.

Bicycling Safety – Defensive Riding in a Suburban Environment

Riding a bicycle in the suburbs presents challenges to cyclists and drivers alike. While the wider streets and lower concentration of cyclists make the suburbs seem like a safer place to ride, the suburban landscape can actually be a no-man’s-land for cyclists. Whether you’re on your bike or in your car, these observations can help prevent accidents and annoyances on the road.

Bicycle laws do vary by state. Nevertheless, with some exceptions, cyclists should obey the same traffic laws as motorists. This generalization is not as obvious as it sounds. How many times have you cyclists crossed against a red light when no cars were coming? On a bike, it’s easy to feel unrestrained by the rules of the road. Unfortunately, this attitude can provoke motorists who aren’t sure how to react to bikers that, to them, appear out of nowhere and do unpredictable things.

In the suburbs, the ratio of cars to bikes is much higher than in the city. Suburban motorists are not so accustomed to seeing cyclists. Most are more concerned about other cars than cyclists and are surprised to see them. Therefore, as a suburban cyclist you should take extra care not only to follow the rules of the road, but to make believe that you’re invisible and no one sees you. This idea will go a long way in keeping you out of trouble.

While assuming that no car is looking for you, also assume the worst when keeping track of a vehicle. What does this mean? Let’s say a vehicle is heading toward an intersection. Let’s say the car stops without activating the turn signal. Normally, we would assume that the car will continue driving straight. Stop! Instead, assume that the driver is the type of person who doesn’t use the turn signal and that it’s equally possible that he will turn left or right. Assume that drivers aren’t paying attention, that they’re distracted, texting while driving, eating a Big Mac, painting their nails, and so on. This will help you predict the movements of many motorists, especially suburban motorists.

The wide boulevards, regular lanes, and enormous intersections of a suburb provide a predictable driving environment, perfect for sleepy drivers. In contrast, the narrow lanes, sudden changes, and frequent stoplights of a city force urban drivers into a more alert state. Therefore, suburban cyclists ought to make up for the alertness that motorists lack by following the rules of the road, staying visible, keeping aware, and predicting the behavior of all nearby vehicles.

Chicago Suburban Office Markets

The Chicago area is prime real estate for commercial businesses of all varieties. From restaurants to salons to insurance agencies, there is something for all businesses to enjoy when it comes to leasing real estate in this locale. The Chicago suburban office markets are also high in demand as this location offers a close proximity to the city of Chicago while keeping the business out of the center of the city. Chicago suburban office markets are readily available and no matter what type of business you own, you are sure to find the ideal Chicago suburban office space for lease in one of the following prime locations.

North Suburban

The North Suburban area of Chicago is a location which includes towns such as Prospect Heights, Des Plaines and Mount Prospect. In all of these towns you will find excellent accommodations, dining options and, of course, a wide array of businesses. Prospect Heights has popular destinations such as the Prospect Heights Park District and the Rob Roy Golf Course. Those with businesses in Mount Prospect will have neighbors like the River Trails Park District and the Northwest Symphony Orchestra. If opening up a business or relocating your company to Des Plaines, there are plenty of restaurants such as Cuzzin’s Restaurant and Taco Village nearby including other area businesses including medical offices, legal offices, architects, retail shops and more.


The O’Hare suburban area has a few different towns within it including Elk Grove Village, Northlake, Schiller Park, Bensenville, Rosemont and Franklin Park. These towns surround the Chicago O’Hare Airport and provide residents and business owners with a taste of the city outside of the city limits. Various offices as well as industrial complexes intermingle with smaller companies in the O’Hare suburban area. Residential housing mixes in with the commercial buildings making for a diverse suburban Chicago locale which draws in business owners as well as customers from the surrounding areas.

Northwest Suburban

Business owners and company officials searching for ideal Chicago suburban office markets often find themselves headed to the Northwest suburban region of Chicago. Towns including Schaumburg, Buffalo Grove and Arlington Heights comprise the Northwest suburban Chicago area and offer a variety of residential and commercial options. The intermingling of residential and commercial buildings offer a place for business owners to open up shop as well as plenty of customers to utilize the various business offerings.

East-West Corridor

The East-West Corridor of Chicago is continually being developed and offers many different commercial office space leasing options to choose from, no matter what your business genre may be. This suburban locale is attractive for many reasons, one being the close proximity to Chicago. Business owners can open up their business doors in a suburban locale such as the East-West Corridor but have easy access to and from the city. This means that not only can your employees get to you with ease but so can your customers as well. Restaurants, retail shops, sole practitioners and large corporations all call the East-West Corridor their commercial home.

Leasing office space in any of the aforementioned Chicago suburban office markets is a smart move. These locations provide you with easy access to Chicago but a suburban feel which is perfect for businesses of all sizes and varieties.